Melbourne skyline,

just before sunset.


From the

Langham Hotel,

Melbourne skyline

at dusk.





  Inside looking out of,

and across Spencer Street,

Southern Cross Railway Station














The Other Sister


Elle Croft

Elle Croft’s The Other Sister was my second of this author’s books and one of the best books read this year.  Written in a now and then fashion it tells the story of siblings Ryan, Gina, Cassie (decease), their parents and Gina’s beau, Julian.

Having been estranged from her family for many years Gina makes contact with Ryan after their parents retire to Florida and soon moves into the family home with him.

Gina is not  happy in her work at Channel 8 and soon finds a way to gain some notoriety by live streaming her report of a body she discovered of a woman’s body in an alleyway.  Although not popular with her boss and colleagues Gina’s report sees the Station ratings soar.  As news of the murder begins to fade along with the ratings, Gina discovers another body.

And it is here that the plot tends to thicken.  Many believe Gina is the murderer?  Or perhaps it is Ryan?  Or could it be Julian? Or someone else entirely!

To add anything else will spoil the plot entirely.  A book well worth reading, and perhaps the best mystery I have read this year.

I rated

The Other Sister

The Other Sister

as a solid gold
5 star read.

At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

The Other Sister

an average of 3.84 stars,

from 562 ratings

and 80 reviews.


The Other Sister

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