Cockatoos wrecking our front yard in late summer.   



A small flock of pelicans



About four and a half years ago

we had a small family flock of magpies…



…which used to come into our backyard

for a feed each night.




Then Taji arrived on the scene and she soon

put paid to any freeloaders trying to feed

on her patch of turf.


Just had to include seagulls.  

Like all seaside cities Geelong has its share

of seagulls which are always looking for a feed.  

This day a bloke was eating his lunch

and feeding the birds.


BirdWeekly:   Flocks-of-Birds





My task,  labour of love, this week

has been to complete

the edging around our ‘orchard’.

There is supposed to be nearly

an inch of rain tomorrow (Saturday)

and I am  hoping to complete this side

with mulch and garden loam prior to then.

The mind is willing however,

the body is not holding up that well.


Now that the holes have been dug

into fairly hard, dry earth it should

only take an hour or so to affix

the sleepers to their supports.

However, this afternoon will be dedicated

to laying mulch and loaming

the front, or left side of this image.

Afterall it is Friday and there is

always next week.  ;-D


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a structure of bars or wires in which birds
or other animals are confined.

Our vet told us to keep young Taji ‘quiet’

for a few weeks after her operation.

Some weld mesh, wire netting and some iron pegs

and I quickly created a temporary pen

to limit her physical activity.

Taji did not receive the ‘quiet’ message.

She spent all her lockdown time with her

front paws stretched up as high as she could.

 She just did not seem to notice

the line of stitches in her belly.

When she wasn’t stretching she sat with a

‘let me out of this damn cage’

expression on her face.


Fandango’s One Word Challengr:   Cage