Winter images from our garden

August 25, 2020.

Hellebores (Winter Rose) in bloom.



Ranunculus and Pink Daffodil bud.


I posted this image of the photo attached

to some pink daffodils purchased

a few months ago.



So far we have around twenty in bloom.

Does this resemble the advertised colour? 

A little disappointing, I think. 

We may stick to King Alfred in future. 

They are beautiful this year.













Return To Rosalee Station

(Rosalee Station #2)


Mandy Magro

Return to Rosalee Station was my third book written by Mandy Magro and possibly the pick of the three.

Return to Rosalee Station is set about eight years after Matt and Sarah elope in Rosalee Station, and in the first twelve months after an accident claimed the life of their young daughter Eve.  Matt has taken to substance abuse leaving Sarah to battle her own demons, alone and lonely.  Both are considering the future of their marriage.  Will it survive the strain of an untimely death?

Eventually Matt decides to return to Rosalee Station (his parents property) on his own believing the isolation will help him in his ‘cold turkey’ bid to overcome his addiction.    While he is away Sarah returns to her parents or a few weeks.

Part of my review of Rosalee Station contained negative comments regarding Louise Crawford’s character voices.  Based on the fact that throughout my life jackaroos (station hands) have usually been in their twenties, I stated that many of the ‘boys’ sounded like old men.  Some of these characters are reprised in Return to Rosalee Station with two of them being aged at nearly seventy and in his sixties, if my memory is correct.   My apologies to Ms Crawford for my earlier comments; her character voices sounded more appropriate this time round.

Fortunately rhyming slang was minimal in Return To Rosalee Station and if I was listening properly there only seemed to be one outstanding passage where coarse language was over used. 

Overall, I found Return to Rosalee Station more believable than its predecessor Rosalee Station.  How, family members manage their grief after a death in the family is totally different for everyone, so much so that it can tear a family apart as Matt and Sarah feared.


I rated

Return To Rosalee Station

as a three star audiobook

At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

Return To Rosalee Station

an average of 4.02 stars

from 123 ratings and 25 reviews


Return To Rosalee Station

can be purchased online at

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon










It appears that young Maggie did not care about comfort

the day she licked up discarded cooking wine.

MGW thought Maggie was ill…until

she smelled Maggie’s breath.  🙂




About ten days after autumn rain

grass seeds begin to pop through

seeking warm sunshine.



Perhaps the rope is not as tangled

as it could be… I added some rectangles of

which there are plenty.


I was wishing some of the tourists had stayed away

the day we visited Rome’s

Trevi Fountain.



It seems a life time ago since I was able

to jump like this without any concern

for the damage it was doing to my knees.


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