WWith Geelong as our shopping centre

we now only have a few kilometres drive…


…instead of fifty kilometres,

to find a seagull willing to

pose for the camera.


A lovely eye and plumage.


The centre of interest is…


…the bloke

trying to sit quietly

and enjoy his fish and chips.


One of my favorite images. 

Apart from a possible tweak to sharpen

and cropping it is SOOC. (Straight Out Of Camera)



BirdWeekly:      Seagulls




One far away spiral one not so far away.

Ruakari cave

Ruakari cave

The Vatican’s

Spiral Staircase…

…complete with arches which could have

been used last  week 🙂


One Word Sunday Challenge:  Spiral




Aged  salt and pepper shakers.

Vintage crockery.

In my office this is one of my regularly used objects…

…as is/was this.

Was because I have a firm hold

of the bullet and trying to go paperless

from now on.

However, in my shed, these sorts of things…

…are some of my everyday objects.

Regular additions are made

to our shopping list

And these utensils are given

a regular workout every day.

MGW seems happier when playing with her…

…with her iPad and iMac than she does when…

…playing with her iRon.  🙂

Finally, when out and about, one or more

of my Nikons comes with me.

My D90 gets less work these days

than it did ten years ago.


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