Our first computer was

a Christmas treat in 1992.

For nearly a decade and a half I was

not game to take the sides of the box

which contained that mysterious

piece of machinery

However, during the 1990s

this simple box made it possible

for me to complete several courses

and university degrees which changed

the course of my life.


For the last fifteen years of my working life

one of my strengths was in teaching students

from five to ninety-two how to

use a computer.


These days spreadsheets, audio files,

word processing and using multiple windows

open cross multiple screens is as

easy/normal as falling off a log.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Easy-Peasy

8 thoughts on “WeeklyPromptsPC-Easy-Peasy

    • Our youngest made me feel inadequate when he started to build his own computer. Then he turned on the power……he had shorted a circuit and had to pay experts to fix it. My inadequacies eased after that. 😄😄

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  1. My recollections of the inside of computers was to insert more memory and a 2nd hard drive, but mostly to clean out the dust build-up. I think I’ve probably half forgotten all I ever learned.

    Well done for the change of direction. It’s a good feeling isn’t it! 🙂


    • You are braver than I was/am, Sue. One of the main memories I have from our early 386 days was the two inch thick books which came with. One for DOS one for Windows. Thank I said at the time and still believe it true today…..you need a degree in computer technology/programming to understand either book..

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      • All I remember about DOS was the black screen and waiting for it to fire up. After that it was Windows for Dummies! I’ve forgotten anything I learned and wouldn’t attempt even a cleaning routine now, though my present machine is an all-in-one and I wouldn’t dare do anything with it. 🙂


      • We had a computer engineer visit school every couple of weeks, I was a hands-on manager and worked alongside him. It was a small school with approx 370 pupils. We had around sixty PCs and forty laptops in school so there was always something needing attention. Today I would always call for assistance I wouldn’t dare tackle anything myself. 🙂


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