a stiff, sharp-pointed woody projection on the stem
or other part of a plant.

Geelong Botanic Gardens…

…contains what I would describe as……

…a rather large….

…succulent garden.

Everything from tall and skinny

to round and dumpy cacti on display.



Sadly several years after capturing these images

I paid another visit only to discover any/most

of the cacti had been cut in half. 

Vandals or pruning?



6 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk246-Thorns

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  2. There’s a botanical garden near Phoenix, Arizona which is — I imagine — just as much a delight to visit as Geelong’s. 🙂 …should you ever find yourself in the vicinity. 😉

    I am ever fond of deserts for their ruthless simplicity, and for all flora and fauna so perfectly adapted to surviving it.

    Wonderful pics here. 🙂


    • Thanks for the tip Patrick. Victoria used to be known as ‘The Garden State‘ not sure which government abandoned the slogan. We will keep Phoenix in mind. Not sure that travel anywhere will be possible for a while although we hope things will have eased a bit by June 21. Should you make it to New Zealand…we were wrapped in the Hamilton Botanic Gardens which woon International Garden of the Year in 2014

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      • Yeah… drag having 6 months off, and nowhere to travel to! :/

        Bit of a tossup for me between Queensland and Victoria. Both very beautiful states. Then there’s the NT, for completely different reasons. Although I didn’t make it up into the WA’s north west, so not really a fair comparison.

        I skipped NZ while in the neighbourhood, electing instead to spend a few months in SE Asia. Can’t say I regret it, though, perhaps someday I’ll make it there and learn just what I missed. 🙂


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