a stiff, sharp-pointed woody projection on the stem
or other part of a plant.

Geelong Botanic Gardens…

…contains what I would describe as……

…a rather large….

…succulent garden.

Everything from tall and skinny

to round and dumpy cacti on display.



Sadly several years after capturing these images

I paid another visit only to discover any/most

of the cacti had been cut in half. 

Vandals or pruning?





A few years ago I just had to stop

to capture this image.

Better it happened now than after the roof

was completed I suppose.



Geelong’s Upside-Down building is not that

new (opened March 20, 1979), however

I am certain it will cause less controversy

in this forum than it does among locals.

The Upside-Down building houses government offices.

Now everything makes sense doesn’t it?



A modern new overhaul for

the Geelong Library.

Another suburban library.

This one also drew love/hate comments

from locals.





A few years ago…

…the Camera Club to which I belong…

…decided on a field trip to explore and photograph…


…Melbourne’s lanes…

…of which there are many.


Block Arcade

was also on our list of places to visit.


Cee’s-Hunt-for-Joy-Challenge:  Field-Tripping