Flanders Poppy growing wild on the

Western Front Battlefields

of France.

Rhododendrons in New Zealand.


Photographed at the nearby

Dahlia Farm.


The last three images…



…are from…

…our garden over the years.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Flower-Power



During my youth…

….I often wondered what

made a petrol pump tick.




Therefore, there was a nostalgic moment

when I discovered this pump stripped

and ready to be admired.

To be honest I am still none the wiser

on how they work, but I do now know

what inside a pump looks like.


A Photo a Week Challenge:   Nostalgic







inscribe or write something

Many countries to the north of Australia have languages

which consist of many characters.

A Chinese student once told me that

the language he spoke at home

consisted of 1,900 of these characters.

He went on to add that he only

used around 200 characters.



I have often heard old buildings described

as having character when compare to

the sterile lines of modern architecture.



The door may not be old however,

the cast or wrought iron is in keeping

with the character of the building

in Melbourne.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Character





Archways in the centre of

Hamilton Botanical Gardens,

New Zealand.

Arch of Victory


Ballarat’s Avenue of Honour

The Ballarat Avenue of Honour is famous for being the first avenue of its kind in Australia (perhaps in the world) and the longest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

It incorporates the Ballarat Arch of Victory and extends for approximately 22 kilometres.


Arc de Triomphe, in Paris

Finally, the…

…Arch in Ypres’

Menin Gate

in Belgium.

I had heard my Father talk of

Menin Gate all my life.

So my 2017 visit was a

truly moving experience,

to visit the battlefields

and pass along the same roads

as my Grandfather did,

during World War I,

all those years ago.

Certainly Australia’s best known arch.

Not sure how it rates on a world stage

although we are constantly told

it is recognised the world over.


One Word Sunday Challenge:  Arch