Yellow Tail Black Cockatoo



While Yellow-Tail Black Cockatoos are said to frequent

as far south as southern Tasmania,

I have only ever sighted them twice. 

Once while we were living on the farm

and once in the fifteen years since we moved. 

I have always thought of them as a

northern bird because southern Victoria’s

cold and wet climate was not not one

which they favoured. 

Both my sightings were in February, or March.

Our summer.



BirdWeekly:      Rare-Birds 





a plan or drawing produced to show
the look and function or workings
of a building, garment, or other object
before it is made.


Builders create a house plan.

Then buyers redesign some of the elements

to suit their own taste.

Sometimes the customer’s ideas work.

Due to lack of experience, often they don’t.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Design





Scenes from the


Saturday Market

in France.





I am constantly reminded of this market because

I purchased a pendant for MGW to wear to work.

It must have received the tick of approval

as it is still a regular.


Nectarines and strawberries…two of my favourites.




FriendlyFriday:  Markets

Amanda                       Sandi