Wood from all over.

Botswana carving.

Grouse Mountain,



Horsham Botanic Gardens Statue.



Buninyong mining statue



Chessboard knight…or just a clever carving.


Cee’s Black & White Challeng:  Made-of-Wood








arrange (a group of people or things)
in classes or categories according to
shared qualities or characteristics.


Readers who have read my ‘About Woolly‘ page

may remember that in another life

I spent 32 years working as a

Professional Woolclasser.

A Woolclasser is responsible for the

preparation of a wool clip for market or sale.

There are over 1,000 types/classes of wool and

woolclassers are responsible for blending

similar classes of wool into marketable lines

so producers incur minimal costs

while receiving maximum returns

on sale day.

While the task is described as Wool Classing,

we could also be described as

Wool Classifiers or Wool Sorters.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Classify