K. L. Slater

Closer is promoted as a psychological thriller and I must confess to being thrilled when it ended.  Is it the publisher or author who adds the ‘thriller’ tag to a book’s description?  An interesting read but not as thrilling as other reads.

Seventy-five percent of the Closer is devoted to introducing and providing background information of each character.   During this seventy-five percent there were several occasions when I felt that the story was going to change gears, however, as I was pondering the who, what where when and why I would turn the page, commence a new paragraph and find the story focussing on one of the bit players.

There is also, occasionally, a paragraph or two written in italics which features (I believe) unnamed characters.   The action in italics takes place several decades earlier than present day.  In the context of the story this is important material, however, I believe only Perry Mason could figure out the connection.

Closer is about a family breakup, Shaun, Emma and ten year old daughter Maisie and in that aspect very topical.  And as often depicted in movies and television show children of blended families do not see eye to eye.  In Closer the future step mother has a witch of a ten year old daughter from her now deceased husband.

I must confess to not picking the villain.  In fact Closer could almost make a fair TV movie…all questions answered and unheard of villains introduced and disposed of in the last 10-20 pages of my mini-iPad and its enlarged text.  Based on the ending, and solely on the ending, I would have to read a sequel to Closer, especially if it was a direct follow up sequel.

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