Happiness varies depending on where I am.

On holiday…

…happiness is good food,

good company…

in good surroundings.

At home…

…happiness is playing with the dog…

…shopping online or in person.

The only condition is that I


buy something.


When that’s all done…well we can

learn from the animals can’t we?



Also at home, happiness is reading and comparing

thoughts with MGW should we happen to read

the same book or author.


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Happiness-is…



8 thoughts on “A-Photo-a-Week-Challenge-Happiness-is…

  1. Happiness certainly changes depending on the circumstance. I’m happy with my grandkids, my dog, and birding. Photography always makes me happy too. Living life & traveling are on the happiness heap. Be glad when we can doing that again someday.


      • This is true! I never shared my photography until I started the blog. I’ve been hoarding for years thinking it was t good enough to share. Now I don’t care if people like it. Lucky for me, most of the time they do. 😊💜


      • I’m pretty much the same with personal photography. I did spend around ten years taking friend’s wedding photography from 1978. It was fun until brides began wanting 6 star photos on a 2 star budget. Somewhere the meaning of the words ‘good amateur’ was changed by clients, to mean ‘top line professional on a shoe string budget.’ Not that I ever professed to be anything more than a good amateur.

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      • We did the same thing. Frank & I shot 3 weddings in one year right after we started dating. We were both amateur photographers…still are! Made for our equipment but that’s about it. I shot a few more by myself & we shot a few more together throughout the years. Same thing….give me a deal, but I want the works. We never made any real money at it…just got the next accessory. We shot my friends wedding 1 1/2 years ago. I didn’t charge anything. She was on a low budget and she wasn’t that picky. It was a pleasure to do it and they appreciated it. That’s really all you can ask. But…obviously…birds and nature and my real love to the photography. 🙂


      • So glad to hear it was not just me that copped that regarding wedding photography. 🙂 I agree it was a great way o pay for equipment and thought I may have done a few weddings again. Not to be and now not sure that I want to. Would mind if a few images were sold though. ‘birds and nature’…they cannot bitch and whinge can they? 😀

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      • Yeah, to pay the bills….Ugh! Now I did just sell a phone wallet from my Etsy store with one of my nature photos on it. It was a request from one of my followers. So, maybe there is something to that? hehehe


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