Being partially colour blind…

I was going to opt for safe

contrasting colour (or non colour) scheme.

However, then I thought I’d live on the edge

and risk some real colour schemes.

Perhaps these are

complimentary colours.

And I hope these last two…

…fit the monochromatic colour scheme.


FriendlyFriday:  Colour-Harmonies

Amanda                       Sandi

10 thoughts on “FriendlyFriday-Colour-Harmonies

    • Thank you so much. I’m afraid I have inherited my maternal grandfather’s red/green colour vision loss. He detested green and its connection to Ireland, yet apparently he looked good in it. The story goes that he purchased a new ‘brown’ sports jacket. No-one told him it was actually green. But all said how nice it was. 🙂


      • To the best of my knowledge he didn’t like the Irish or Ireland…really not sure as he died in 1942. It probably was a ase of Catholic-Protestant dislike…maybe. He and his ancestors were of English origin.

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      • Ah I see. On one of my family’s side there was also some resentment/ hatred of the Catholic church and most Irish folks were affiliated with that church – at least the majority of the ones that immigrated. Therefore, I can see how the dislike of the Irish may have come to pass. Thank goodness we have moved on from those times.


      • Amen to that. I always claim my Father’s Irish ancestry and can remember Dad standing outside the Presbyterian Church (because the Catholic church had said ‘No’ to attending) for one of the local’s funeral. I don’t think I could have lived like that so it’s a good thing we have moved on. My hometown could still be described as a small village I think. Many years ago it was a circle (o = under 150 population) so everyone knew everyone else and if you were not friend, or related to, you were at least friendly with all.


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