When I updated my car

a few years ago…

MGW said she liked it because

the front showed ‘attitude‘.


I’m not too sure what constitutes attitude in it front.

Does the rear end show attitude?

Who knows!!


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Attitude





I’m not sure why…

…mankind deems it necessary to endure strenuous walks

while carrying backpacks, when on vacation.

I do know why…I think.

Where else are we going to put our cameras,

medications of all varieties,

the wet weather/cold weather gear,

sunscreens, spare glasses,

bottle of water and so on??


Whether a long holiday,

a long weekend

or simply a day out in the sun…



..relaxing on and around Lake Lucerne

seems an ideal way to take a break.


Ryan-Weekly-PC-72:   Vacation







Two new faces at a new home.

They started out as good friends…

…they didn’t even mind Soxie joining with them. 

The really had no choice..cats being cats.

Naturally, there are occasions where there

are robust discussions regarding who’s boss…

…but they soon kiss and make up and peace

reigns supreme in the backyard.

That is…until the next time!


FriendlyFriday:  Friendship

Amanda                       Sandi