Birds Feeding

African Kingfisher

African Spoonbill.

Half domesticated Kookaburra…


…happily having some lunch.

A flock of pesky starlings

cleaning our backyard

An unusual (for our region) and gorgeous

Black Cockatoo in its feeder.

Corella Cockatoos clean…

…our front yard of bugs.

These Magpies giving thanks for their supper.

While their cousin…

…stole the remnants of my

morning coffee and snack.





Wordless Wednesday20_0508-Corona16

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Can everyone relate to that team

which everyone loves to hate,

the team which supporters

either love or hate.

No in between.

Collingwood  is that team in that in

Australian Rules Football League.

Because of a second wave

COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria

we are unable to travel to other states and

the Victorian Government has, this week,

imposed Stage 4 Restrictions in Victoria.

Stage 4 includes a curfew in Melbourne

from 8.00PM to around 5.00AM and compulsory masks

for all when outside for the rest of the state.


The question on every Victorian’s lips is;

How will our economy cope?

As you can see our Government’s have it

under control with fool proof plans!  🙂



However, pets  are wanting answers!!


Thank you Facebook


Stay safe.    🙂


Hope you enjoyed.