Not sure why I have managed to accumulate

some half decent spider images

which fit this theme. 

Spiders are marginally ahead of snakes

in my opinion. 


From this shot came…



When I see the hairy spider legs it almost makes

the hair on the back of my neck rise.

I have seen this sight twice in 15 years.

Once when I opened our front door and

saw this rather large spider crawling

up the framework.

It took fright and one became about 31

many of which landed near my bare feet.

The above image was the second time

and out in the garden.



Something more pleasant to finish up with.

Our Orchid has an oddity growing out of a petal.

Unfortunately not much of a photo,

except if it was beamed back

from Mars, or the Moon.


A bee and Agapanthus.



FriendlyFriday:  Close-Up-Macro

Amanda                       Sandi

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