Not sure why I have managed to accumulate

some half decent spider images

which fit this theme. 

Spiders are marginally ahead of snakes

in my opinion. 


From this shot came…



When I see the hairy spider legs it almost makes

the hair on the back of my neck rise.

I have seen this sight twice in 15 years.

Once when I opened our front door and

saw this rather large spider crawling

up the framework.

It took fright and one became about 31

many of which landed near my bare feet.

The above image was the second time

and out in the garden.



Something more pleasant to finish up with.

Our Orchid has an oddity growing out of a petal.

Unfortunately not much of a photo,

except if it was beamed back

from Mars, or the Moon.


A bee and Agapanthus.



FriendlyFriday:  Close-Up-Macro

Amanda                       Sandi





Mandy Magro


Jacaranda was my second Mandy Magro book and turned out to be very similar to Rosalee Station only this time round the story focused on Molly Jones and her daughter Rose.  Rose is the product of a one night stand when Molly was a drunken nineteen year old.  Six years later she is still trying to find Rose’s father while ignoring her long-time friend and mate, Heath.

Eventually Rose’s father, Mark, does return with a rodeo.  Molly and Mark meet up, get together and you will have to read the book to find out what happens.

Jacaranda is not (thankfully) littered with Australian slang to the overpowering extent of Rosalee Station.  The lack of Australian slang made Jacaranda much easier to listen to and earned it an extra star.  However, Jacaranda still is definitely of the ‘chick lit’ genre and does provide a breather from the crime genre which is my choice of reading material.

I would like to hear Ms Magro’s books co-narrated by Louise Crawford and a male narrator.  This would, hopefully, provide better male character voices.  One brief appearance by a male who I thought should have been at least ten years older than the boys actually sounds much younger.

Overall, a light read with some insight into Australia’s Outback.

I rated Jacaranda as a three star audiobook.

I rated



as a star audiobook.


At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded


an average of 4.14 stars

from 354 ratings

and 26 reviews.


can be purchased online at

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon




Until May rolled into June,

Victoria was heading for its

wettest year on record.

June and July, two months of winter,

have been fairly dry.



With luck August will rectify the situation. 

Even if we don’t get back to wettest year mode,

we still need normal August rains

to lead us into Spring.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Rain






feeling or showing deference and respect.

The aftermath of Candi and Taji’s all in fight

last October was that Candi was respectful

of Taji for most  of the summer.

However as Autmun approached and passed,

Candi began to show signs of her old bossy self again. 

I’m sure she will be straightened out sooner or later. 

Kelpies never seem to learn how a Labrador’s mind works. 🙂