This  is the time of year when the

countryside and gardens

are on the brink of exploding into

a mass of golden yellow.

Two species of acacias come into full bloom

this time of year.

The first three images are…



…Cootamundra Wattles.



Easily identified with their soft green leaves

and their smaller flower heads.


The next two images are Golden Wattles.

Golden Wattles have bigger flower heads and

long strappy leaves (my description).


In my opinion either one looks beautiful

when in full bloom.

This Red Wattle Bird gets in on the act…


…with a splash of yellow on its belly.




Most of our older daffodils are

at this stage at the moment.

New plantings, 2020, have only just broken

the surface in many instances.

Soon buds will be showing…

…followed by golden yellow blooms…

…throughout our garden.

This year, however, yellow will be joined

by around 80 pink bulbs.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Yellow

3 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-Photo-Challenge-Yellow

  1. Hello Woolly, I love your bright and cheerful yellow flowers and I’m glad you chose to use them to take part in our challenge. Thank you. 🙂


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