Geelong Coffee Shop.

Hotel Langham Melbourne.

Pre Dawn, Geelong.



Auckland (NZ) Airport lights



Chinese Lanterns,

Auckland Airport,

New Zealand.



Cafe LIghts,

Arras, France.

Dubai Creek

Dinner Cruise


Geelong Boat Lights


Cee’s Black & White Challeng:   Lighting







A few years ago No. 2 Son and his wife

purchased this small three bedroom house

for their first home.

We gave the house a thorough inspection

when we had a look through and gave

the garage a cursory look at best,

because a garage is a garage.

Right? Not so.

This garage had been downsized.

Its door was not wide enough to accommodate

Daughter-In-law’s family car,

a Holden Commodore which was about six feet wide.

It would only accommodate the medium to small

car which No. 2 Son drove.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Downsizing





not liable to break or able to be broken easily.


I always thought the Twelve Apostles

to be unbreakable until

London Bridge

collapsed in the 1990s. In July 2005 the Apostle that now is a pile of stone

on the right (in water) also collapsed.

Experts said, at the time, that

the Apostles would reappear.

My thinking is that it won’t be overnight 🙂