At the end of the drive into my childhood home

grows a Cypress tree.

My guess is that it is only around 50-60  feet high,

but  to one in his early teens

it was a huge tree.

The  Sequoia in the Geelong Gardens

reminded me of my Cypress Tree

These branches are a bit far apart for climbing

and even if they were closer together

I’m not sure that I could climb these days.


Cee’s-Hunt-for-Joy-Challenge: Childhood-Joys


10 thoughts on “Cee’s-Hunt4Joy-Childhood-Joys

  1. I was a tree climber as a kid. Still could a few years ago, but knees are hurting more and more each day. Not sure I could hoist myself up at this point in time. Sucks getting old! 🙂


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