Below is a photo of the retina of my right eye.

Experts told me that I had an Atypical Melanoma in it

which would effect the sight in my right eye.

The best course of treatment was to remove my eye

as all other suggested remedies would effect

the sight of that eye.

My Geelong ophthalmologist told me that

melanomas appear as brown pigmentation

and he sees one, maybe two each year.

He added that he had never seen this

coloured pigmentation in a retina

in his entire career.

My guess is that this is an extremely long career

as I think he has passed 80 and if not he

is certainly well into his 70s.

Further testing revealed that I have another

condition which has apparently caused


If it becomes symptomatic,

steroids will cure the problem.

Touch wood…still no need for steroids and

my eye is functioning at an age appropriate level.



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