Apart from the satellite dish and electrical wiring

this railway station appears to be abandoned.

Situated among gold fields of yesteryear

Google indicates that it is a bona fide

tourist attraction.



Country railway line in spring.

The line is still in use carrying one or two

goods trains each day and an occasional

tourist passenger steam train.


A country railway crossing.


About 200 kilometres west of Geelong

this was what was left of my hometown

railway station in 2013.

Only one building remains along the platform.

The line opened in 1890 and closed in 1977.

In my teen years we only ever collected

bagged superphosphate (fertiliser) at the station

and delivered wool bales for transport

to Geelong or Melbourne selling centres.

Somewhere there are photos of Dad’s truck

delivering our last wool clip to the station.

The station master’s house (out of camera left)

is still occupied by the station master’s daughter,

her husband and family.

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