Winter in Victoria or at least around

Geelong and the Western District of Victoria

is usually cold and wet. 

Maximum temperatures below 20 celsius

is considered cold. 

And under 10, freezing.  🙂

Wind chill is often a factor determining

how cold it feels.


June 2019 and our backyard was temporarily flooded

in the wee hours of the morning…several times.

However, in 2020 we were headed for our

wettest year on record such was rainfall

during summer and autumn.

When the calendar rolled over to June

the weather gods put their heads together

and decided we had had our share

and turned our rain taps off.

We have been getting cold mornings and

nice afternoons…at least for a few hours.

Many of our mornings look like this image

which was taken only last week.

The only snow we see is when weather

is cold enough to snow down

to 500-600 feet above sea-level.

The Great Dividing Range,

about an hour or so drive inland

often is dusted with short lived snow.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:  Winter

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