We named this cub ‘Nosy’

and his sister became became known as ‘Rosy’


Mum ‘Limpy’ okayed Nosy to go

and watch the tourists.


And what better place to watch tourists from

but a pile of Elephant dung.



A few minutes latter Nosy was joined by Rosy.


Together they played for us

until just before sundown.


One Word Sunday Challenge:  Nosy

Book Review-The-Backup-Asset

The Backup Asset

(Alex Hoffmann #3)


Leslie Wolfe

While not publicised as a sequel to Devil’s Move (#2 in the Hoffman series)  The Backup Asset follows hot on the heels of Devil’s Move.

Alex is still obsessed with the Mr Big of her previous case to the point that her work colleagues begin to worry about her ability to continue. And when she is asked to work on this next case she does not realise how close it will/bring her to her Mr Big.

In what appears to be another Cold War, Alex finds herself undercover in a company making parts for a revolutionary weapon which the United States is about to install on its warships.

Meanwhile, in Russia, key military leaders have been ordering apparently random incursions on land, sea and air in order to destabilise the security of its enemies.  One of these incursions included infiltrating the company building this new weapon and stealing the plans for said weapon.  The manner in which Russian spies have infiltrated nearly every aspect of American life is quite fascinating.

I first read The Backup Asset in autumn 2019 and enjoyed it as much in 2020.  The Backup Asset is a fast paced read

I rated

The Backup Asset

The Backup Asset (Alex Hoffmann #3)

as a solid star read.

At the time of writing my review other

Goodreads readers have rated

The Backup Asset

an average of 4.17 stars

from 1,044 ratings

and 50 reviews

The Backup Asset

is available online


Booktopia,  Fishpond and Amazon

Booktopia and Fishpond have only a small range

of Leslie Wolfe’s books which does not include

The Backup Asset





This time of year our…

….wattle (Acacia) trees

begin too bloom

The Cootamundra and Golden varieties…

are most prolific in Southern Victoria.

All these images are of the Cootamundra species.

Golden Wattles have larger flower heads..

By late september many paddocks/fields around here

will turn golden and canola seed plants

begin to bloom.






This pair of Yellow Hornbills were having

a great conversation

After a brief chat, where I am sure

they were telling jokes,

their wings would spread further than is this image

and their heads would furiously bob

up and down for a few seconds.

Then the cycle was repeated again and again.