Too cold for a photography outing this weekend

so I have had a look at some images

which contain people to see what I could find. 

Not sure if I noticed the couple before

or after I took the shot, however…

…from the wide angle comes a nice photo of a couple.

This photo…

…and this one…

…blended to create this image posted in

‘Capture the Moment’

for last week’s

Friendly Friday 

Similarly at Melbourne’s

Saint KIlda Pier…

…the wide angle shot cropped to focus

on the model and photographer. 

Both model and photographer were participating

in this shoot to fulfil requirements

of a course they were taking.


Are these two an ‘item‘?

Maybe…in this crop…

…and maybe not, the more space

they have around them.

From this crowded scene comes many stories.

One of which could be: 

The shark was this big, dead set!’

This game of badminton and its two spectators

was found….

…right here on Sydney’s

Manly Beach



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   The-Watcher

4 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-PC-The-Watcher

  1. Brilliant, love your photos. Number one is intriguing, on the one hand they appear to be a couple but on the other they are wearing what looks like opposing sporting/football tops. They also appear to be sightseeing, so why are they dressed in football shirts?


    • SueW you have asked questions which had not crossed my mind. True I thought they were a couple or posing for the third person until I discovered he was talking on his phone. As for the football or hockey jumpers, if was MGW and yours truly in our club colours, we would definitely be in opposing tops. I barrack for Collingwood (you either love or hate the team…not in between 🙂 ), MGW is a Geelong supporter. Finally, back in the 1960s Dad was secretary of our local football club. The club only had around 20 jumpers, one for each team member on the field on Saturday. I can still hear him grumbling because some players took their jumper home with them and worked on the farm in it all week, often bringing blue and white stripes back on Saturday in disgusting condition.

      So a clean cut couple like these pair sporting their favorite team’s colours…quiet normal for me 😀 😀

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      • I see! I‘m not a follower of any team nor any sport, though I did find myself watching football the other night much to my son’s surprise which led to him asking if I was alright, he thought I was just sitting staring into space and was concerned.
        I’d become fascinated by how many times the players were down on the ground supposedly in pain. So I turned it into a game and began looking for bumps and tussles, it seemed to me the losing side had a lot of injuries that seemed to be their own fault. I believe the teams were Chelsea and Liverpool. Well definitely Chelsea.


      • Even if you don’t know the rules watch a game of Australian Rules Football if you get the opportunity. Although sanitised somewhat since I played fundamentally it’s the same game. There has to be some similarities to Irish Football because Ireland has often sent a team out here for a few games.


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