Africa provided my pairs for this post.

Burchell’s Zebra,

sighted in Kruger National Park.



 Southern Yellow-Billed Hornbill



Pair of elephants



A pair of Fish Eagles in Botswana.


One Word Sunday Challenge:  Pair




I am native to Australia, 

some may even think

I am cute and cuddly

Maybe that’s because

I am Cuddly Koala’s

closest living relative.

I am one of the world’s largest

burrowing mammals. 

My mobility is usually a waddle,

but I have been known to run

at 40 km per hour.

 If you happen to be tracking

in Australia and see some

cube shaped poo, I won’t be far away!

Haven’t got a clue?  Click here for a solution.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   What-Am-I?





an item of soft sweet food made from
a mixture of flour, fat, eggs,
sugar, and other ingredients,
baked and sometimes iced
or decorated


My mouth waters every time

I see this image…

…and unfortunately, no matter how large

my meal has been,

there is always room for desserts.