a long, narrow mark or band.


When I think of a line it is

usually a straight line…

…as at the Heath Cemetery on France’s WW I,

Western Front Battlefields.

However this depiction of the Hindenburg Line

is anything but straight.

As is this Le Hamel trench.

Some lines have long sweeping bends in them.

Even the Australian Memorial

at Le Hamel has a bend in it.






I am guessing a lightweight anchor chain.

An early June suunise on Corio Bay

Rope drum.

Out of the Mist

Same morrning as earlier sunsrise.

Reminds me of Viking movies and ships

appearing through fog, mist or battle smoke.






To a degree we were surprised…

…that we were in shirt sleeves…


…at Wiseman, Alaska.


At 67 degrees North,


and 63 miles (or 100 kilometres)

inside the Arctic Circle…

…we were 30 degrees further north

than Geelong (38 degrees) is South.

One degree equals 69 mile/111 kilometres

Therefore 30 degrees equals

2,070 miles or 3,330 kilometres.

Google says the straight line distance between

Geelong and Hobart is only 572 km.