(of ground, water, conditions, etc.) presenting hidden
or unpredictable dangers.


There is  fair chance that…

it would be treacherous to

swim in this water.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Treacherous


3 thoughts on “FOWChallenge-Treacherous

    • These are crocodiles. I have only ever sighted these in the wild while on the Daintree River (Queensland) and in South Africa. Alligators are confined to the USA and a few in parts of China, whereas crocodiles may be found all round the world, including the USA. Google tells me that crocodiles can be more bad tempered than alligators but I would not be happy if either lived next door. Our only visit to Far North Queensland saw us in accommodation about two blocks from the beach. I wandered down for a look And wondered why there was no one enjoying the water. After paddling in ankle deep water for a few minutes decided to return to family. It was then that I saw a sign informing all not to swim at beach due to crocodiles presence. 😲😲😲. Whilst there is not many human deaths attributed time crocodiles each year, there are some.

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