Last summer was a bad summer

for fires in Australia.

However, there is rarely a summer when

we don’t have scenes like this

by fires somewhere in our dry land.


January 4th, 2013.

Loch Ard Gorge was the end of our

Great Ocean Road drive

with some Canadian friends.

At around 44/111 degrees C/F

the car park was literally

melting under our feet.

Manly Beach in early December/Summer.

Travel through rural areas in late summer

and you are more than likely to see

this scene repeated regularly.

Cropping stubble has been burned

to facilitate easier sewing to winter crops.

Strangely I thought this practise had died out

in favour of direct drilling and leaving

the stubble to help protect the soil

from wind or water erosion.


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Little Whispers


K. L. Slater

Ever wonder how many of us have changed careers for the promise of a better lifestyle and salary?  I wonder how many women leave those decisions entirely to the man in their life.  Janey Markham let Isaac find a new job, a cheap house in a good street and barely questioned their luck or good fortune.  That is, before they moved.

Life was not better after they moved, if anything it was worse. Isaac was putting in longer hours for his new boss which was the exact opposite to that expected from this new job.  But the unanswered question was; Is Isaac really at work?

Janey is sure Isaac is not being open with her.  She also finds herself on the outside of the local clique of mothers in their street and is surprised, when introducing Isaac to one of her new found acquaintances, to notice that Isaac acts as if it is not their first meeting.  Furthermore her wardrobe and lifestyle does not match the others who spend way over Janey’s budget on one item.  To cap off Janey’s worries is the deathbed secret her mother left her with.

When I began reading Little Whispers I found the writing style difficult to read.  However, as the book progressed so did the writing; or maybe my concentration improved.  Whatever the case, I found myself being drawn into the story and wondering what the next chapter would bring.  And the ending ensured that while Little Whispers was my first Kim Slater read it will not be my last.

I rated

Little Whispers

Little Whispers by K.L. Slater

as a



At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

Little Whispers

an average of 4.09 stars

from 1,211 ratings

and 284 reviews.

Little Whispers

can be purchased on-line at

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