This week’s images

come from Italy and France.

Venice and Murano…


…provided us with our first wet weather day

since leaving Australia.


More wet weather at Pompeii where even under cover

colourful umbrellas were required

to keep rain at bay.


And the downpour eased we had to

negotiate flooded streets before

reaching our coach.

At least the umbrellas at Nice were being used

to keep the sun away and afford some privacy

on Nice’s private beaches.


One Word Sunday Challenge:  Umbrellas



Some of Botswana’s…

Cape Ground squirrel…


…enjoying our leftovers.

In St. James Park, London,

lives the Grey Squirrel, which are

North American natives…


…was introduced to the United Kingdom

and now has replaced the native Red Squirrel

throughout most of Great Britain.


A Photo a Week Challenge:   Squirrel







a strong or habitual liking for something
or tendency to do something.

From a very young age Taji…

…Taji developed a penchant…

…for food.


It commences early in life…

…and lasts…

…well into old age.

Normally Taji gallops over to greet MGW

upon her arrival home from work…

…however, food pushes all/everyone else

to a distant second.


Even Candi’s attempts to get Taji to play

are ignored in favour of an old bone.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Penchant