a sentimental longing or wistful affection
for a period in the past.


I was going to post some travel photos

as they are memories of some

good times and experiences

in the past decade or so.

Then I remembered this family photo

posted a few days ago.

If you missed it from left to right:

My Grandfather Bill, Rita, Jim, Frank and Edie.

All brothers and sisters.

There is a photo of 18 month old Woolly

with his grandfather.  Sadly Bill passed away

a week after the photo was taken.

Edie lived in Perth (W.A.) and I never met her either.

Auntie Rita lived nearby and I had

the deepest voice of anyone I have ever met.

She was also a smoker and used to pierce

her cigarettes with a pin and

hold the pin while smoking.

Presumably to keep her fingers nicotine free.

I think Uncle Jimmy must have spent some

time with us as I do vaguely remember him

However, it was his dog,

a Border Collie, called Boy,

which I associate with Jimmy.

Uncle Frank and his wife were the people

introduced me to boy’s beer

in my pre-teen years.

Boy’s Beer was any form of soft drink which

happened to be in their fridge when we visited.

Strangely after being fed Boy’s Beer when young,

I have never touched the real thing.

The only time I think an alcoholic beverage

is a must is in a wine trifle.

All through my adult/working life

Coca Cola has been my poison.

And sadly I have copped a bit of flak

because I do not imbibe alcohol.

Interestingly all age groups have at

one time or another tried extremely hard

to get me drinking.



FriendlyFriday:  Nostalgia

Amanda                       Sandi

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