York Minster,

Great Britain.


Shopping Mall,





Closer to home…

Arch over

Avenue of Honour,



Roll of Honour,

Avenue of Honour,


Still in Australia…

El Alamein Fountain,

King’s Cross,



Cee’s Black & White Challenge:  Arches-Domes









a sentimental longing or wistful affection
for a period in the past.


I was going to post some travel photos

as they are memories of some

good times and experiences

in the past decade or so.

Then I remembered this family photo

posted a few days ago.

If you missed it from left to right:

My Grandfather Bill, Rita, Jim, Frank and Edie.

All brothers and sisters.

There is a photo of 18 month old Woolly

with his grandfather.  Sadly Bill passed away

a week after the photo was taken.

Edie lived in Perth (W.A.) and I never met her either.

Auntie Rita lived nearby and I had

the deepest voice of anyone I have ever met.

She was also a smoker and used to pierce

her cigarettes with a pin and

hold the pin while smoking.

Presumably to keep her fingers nicotine free.

I think Uncle Jimmy must have spent some

time with us as I do vaguely remember him

However, it was his dog,

a Border Collie, called Boy,

which I associate with Jimmy.

Uncle Frank and his wife were the people

introduced me to boy’s beer

in my pre-teen years.

Boy’s Beer was any form of soft drink which

happened to be in their fridge when we visited.

Strangely after being fed Boy’s Beer when young,

I have never touched the real thing.

The only time I think an alcoholic beverage

is a must is in a wine trifle.

All through my adult/working life

Coca Cola has been my poison.

And sadly I have copped a bit of flak

because I do not imbibe alcohol.

Interestingly all age groups have at

one time or another tried extremely hard

to get me drinking.



FriendlyFriday:  Nostalgia

Amanda                       Sandi




delaying or delayed beyond the right
or expected time; late.



Sometimes Labradors can be quick out of the blocks.

At least over a short distance.


However, when it comes to being tied up,

even for a short while,

Taji’s steps become smaller and slower

and she has to walk around me

and come in from my right side,

she then adopts one of several woe is me poses

in the hope one of us may be filled

with guilt and let her off again.

Candi,  on the other hand,

runs directly to her kennel and waits.

One of the two is tardy in my view.