For as long as I can remember…

…the Flanders Poppy has been a symbol of

the freedom won in two World Wars.

I had heard of fields being covered in blood red poppies,

but had been a bit of a doubting Thomas.

LIke Thomas, my doubts were allayed

upon my 2017 visit to the

Western Front Battlefields,

where, with my own eyes, I was able to

see (and photograph) poppies growing wild

on World War I Battlefields.



4 thoughts on “SUNDAY-STILLS-PC-Freedom

  1. Oh how lovely, Don! That must have been emotional seeing this for the first time and contemplating its meaning and honoring those who sacrificed for our freedom! A perfect image for the theme! I know if I saw this, I would be a blubbering fool. Like I was when I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time last January!


    • While both grandfathers returned home alive oe lost his leg at ANZAC Cove and Grandfather Bill served all along the Western Front. I don’t know whether age or not, but every time we visited a cemetery, or the Christmas truce sites and listened to relevant stories it was hard not to be emotional. Stories of bodies being uncovered during road making processes and of ordnance still being uncovered to this very day…

      While our guide was very pro-Australian and anti-British both the British and German armies suffered similarly. I just hope it never happens again.

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