Burke’s Luck Potholes…




Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve…



South Africa

Definitely worth including

in your itinerary…


…if visiting Kruger National Park.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Potholes

5 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-Photo-Challenge-Potholes

  1. I like this sort of potholing. We have a few of those in Yorkshire but not done that since I was a teenager. My youth club had a potholing club to which I belonged, and often it included a camping trip, great fun! 🙂 Thank you Woolly.


  2. Amazing pictures. When I see canyons like these I think of “the flood” and how the entire earth was covered as much as 20 feet above Everest. As that much water left, it made its mark…that of course if you believe in the scriptures.


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