Not certain if this was a tourist train or not.

My guess…the former.

And I would have been happy

to have ridden around York.

Vienna, where “shanks’ pony

was the preferred method of

transiting from A to B.



Murano locals may have used the canal,

however, again a walk in the rain seemed

to keep everyone happy.



Closer to home the Anglesea Boardwalk runs

alongside the Anglesea River just before

it empties into Bass Strait.

These vehicles have crossed from

Queenscliff to Sorrento

on the Ferry.




The Hygeia Ferry took camera club members

for a sunset cruise around Corio Bay

in February 2019.



Leaving Geelong North Railway Station

for melbourne and destinations

in between.


Arriving Geelong North Railway Station

from Melbourne, bound for Geelong,

South Geelong, and the recently opened

Waurn Ponds and Marshall stations.


FriendlyFriday:  In-Transit

Amanda                       Sandi

2 thoughts on “FriendlyFriday-In-Transit

  1. What funny about your train picture is the hint of a long line up of traffic behind it.
    And “shank’s pony!” I bet it sound better in Austrian 🙂

    Thanks for joining this week’s challenge Wooly.


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