Blue Hour

Friday June 05…

…I have been told that the colour

is ‘not right‘ in this image.

However, it is a straight out of camera image,

with shooting details as follows.

Camera: Nikon D750

Lens: Nikon 28-300mm

Focal Length: 32mm

Shutter Speed: 1/4sec


ISO: 100

Time: 0701 hours

Sunrise: 0732 hours

I could have made the aperture larger

and/or the shutter speed slower.



Silent-Sunday- 3105







4 thoughts on “Silent-Sunday-Blue-Hour

  1. I really like that you’ve included the camera details. I’m trying to improve my photography skills, beginning with understanding what all those settings mean. So, looking at your settings is helping me get a grip on what a lot of bloggers already know about photography. Thanks!


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