I’m fairly certain I have heard burgers

sadly referred to as comfort food.



Potato chips also in the same category.

Recently heard it said that if you

don’t take it from a tree

or dig it out of the ground,

it is not healthy for you.

It appears potato chips have

been re-categorised! ;-D ;-D




FriendlyFriday:   Comfort-Food

Amanda                       Sandi

4 thoughts on “FriendlyFriday-Comfort-Food

  1. Burger & fries are definitely comfort food. But your burger looks like it has more bacon than usual. Is there a beef patty under that mound of bacon & egg? it looks like a whopper of a breakfast sandwich


      • Delightful!
        And now I remember that Australians have a different take on burgers. I once got an Aussie special and was surprised to find bacon, cheese, egg, tomato, onions, lettuce and pickled beets piled on top of the patty. I wanted to ask for an extra bun to make a second sandwich!


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