I’m staying with straightening horizons this week.

Straight Out Of Camera, followed by…


…an edited version…which is not perfect.

All three images were taken before

Santa brought me a Manfrotto

my tripod 2-3 years ago.



To be honest, I did have

give away with a new camera tripods

which in my opinion are so light that

it wasn’t sturdy enough to risk using

with a new camera.


I have used Picasa 3 to straighten horizons.

The benefit of using Picasa is that it superimposes

a grid over the image while you manually straighten,

which can be difficult if your mouse hand

has a tremor like mine does .

I used Photoshop Elements to check the horizons.

Photoshop still requires a steady hand

The final difficulty with this horizon is that

at this distance the horizon is not at all in focus.

There is also land on each side of the image

which leaves wondering if my ‘eye’ has

been good enough to set a level horizon.



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