When I saw today’s word I

immediately thought of two noggins.

First was these horizontal pieces in a building’s walls.

Have only ever heard the word noggin

used to describe them.

Google research today tells me they

are actually called ‘noggings

and (occasionally…noggins)

Whether wood or metal they will

always be noggins to me.


The second meaning of noggin was one’s head.

My Grade 6 teacher used the term frequently.

He also frequently applied a

single or double knuckle swizzer

(depending on the students crime)

to one’s noggin.

Never heard of a knuckle swizzer?

Clench your fist, tightly.

Note that the knuckle of your

second finger stands above the rest.

This was the single knuckle swizzer knuckle.

Usually applied, with a dramatic twist of the wrist,

to the back of a boys’ head because

he was not on task.

And we all survived.   🙂



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