Like Cee, I have never had sunflowers in our garden.

 In fact I would suggest with 99% certainty

that the only times I have seen sunflowers growing

is in paddocks as a crop for their seed and oil.

However, we have been gardening

over the past week or so.

 Two small beds were created to take

a white crepe myrtle and bulbs.

Another modified with a smaller raised bed

and some decent soil.

During the process bulb shopping proved difficult.

Stocks were low on the local scene.

eBay proved a better hunting ground.

I found some pink daffodils,

never sight previously,

and not far from Melbourne.

  They arrived by mail yesterday.

This morning most of the

daffodils bulbs were planted.

In a couple of months we should have

a nice display of pink daffodils.

BTW: the photo is an eBay image


Cee’s-Hunt-for-Joy-Challenge:  Plant-Sunflowers

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