Book Review-Girl-With-A-Rose

Girl With A Rose


Leslie Wolfe

(Tess Winnett  #6)

Girl With A Rose is book 6 of the Tess Winnett series.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed Girl With A Rose, it is a novella and I am not a great fan of novellas/short stories.  The Tess Winnett character lends herself to write so much more than a short story.  However, a Tess novella is far better than no Tess.  I just hope Book 7 is the real deal….a novel.

It is a well-known fact in our family that I would have liked a daughter.  We have two wonderful boys.  However, after reading several books featuring teenage girls, Girl With A Rose, being the latest, two rowdy boys have been easier to raise than some of these girls.

It’s good that Tess was free when fifteen year old Kaylee went missing.  Was Kaylee going to become another victim of a drop dead gorgeous psychopathic serial killer not known to police or public?   Would Tess be able to find and safely return Kaylee to her mother without the help of Alice, Kaylee’s best friend and the governor’s daughter?

I love the Tess Winnett character and really hope she can star in another novel.  As with all short stories, or novellas, this one ended rather abruptly.

As I never award a novella five stars Girl With A Rose will have to be happy with a four star rating.   However, fans of Tess Winnett and Leslie Wolfe will thoroughly enjoy Girl With A Rose.   If you happened to be reading a Leslie Wolfe review for the first time and like the crime genre why don’t you give Tess a try?  I stumbled across Dawn Girl while surfing through Amazon and  Girl With A Rose was my sixteenth Leslie Wolfe read.

At the time of writing my review other

Goodreads readers have rated

Girl With A Rose (Tess Winnett Book 6)

Girl With A Rose

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4.53 stars

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 I have rated 

Girl With A Rose

a  solidread.

Girl With A Rose

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I purchased my edition from Amazon. 

It appears

Girl With A Rose

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