My most enjoyable leisure activity

is photography.

I have photos from Boarding School picnics in 66/67

through to weddings of the late 70s early 80s.

In the late 60s/early 70s Super 8 movie was

my camera of choice and in 1975 I came home

from a camping trip through Central Australia

with 90 minutes of movie to edit.

To follow are some of my more recent efforts

with my Nikon DSLRs

Rising before the sun to capture the rise provides

opportunities to interact with many other

like minded early risers…


…including wild life.

And what better way to spend one’s holiday

than rising when the morning is but a baby

to capture moon shots on Glacier Bay.


It also gives reason to take photos

of what many consider ‘odd’.

I could see posts, patterns, rope, arcs and so on

in this fence at Skagway.

Tourists approaching me just on right and out of shot,

thought I was ‘odd’ and were not backward

in expressing that opinion…loudly.



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