Although I did not complete any

National Service training…

…due to my health, the National Service raffle

is the only major raffle I have ever won.


Although I am a firm believer of National Service

(but not necessarily serving in a war zone),

after talking/working with some Vietnam Veterans

my health at the time may have been a blessing.


Another of the many memorials in

Ballarat’s Avenue of Honour.


My-Corner-of-the-World:  0506




4 thoughts on “MCoW-Ballarat-6-National-Service

    • We are lucky in that we have not been subjected to ‘active’ war time. Our farm is in an area which was said to be a training area for fighter planes. I only ever saw one pass by, at really low altitude. I think the pilot may have been reading road signs. I realised then that many children are being raised in areas where this is a daily occurrence and not just for training purposes.

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