The Grieving Mother Memorial,

of which I have shared several photos and posts

is situated in the left corner of this image

of Ballarat’s Arch of Victory.

Outbound view.

View entering Ballarat

The Ballarat Avenue of Honour is famous for being

the first avenue of its kind in Australia

(perhaps in the world)

and the longest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

It incorporates the Ballarat Arch of Victory and extends

for approximately 22 kilometres.

In total, the trees represent 3912 Ballarat and district

men and women who served in 

World War One – 528 of whom

were killed in battle or died

of wounds or disease.

Source:  Avenue of Honour, Ballarat



My-Corner-of-the-World:  #29




4 thoughts on “MCoW-Ballarat-5-Arch-of-Victory

  1. More elaborate but it reminds me of the Peach Arch between the U.S. and Canada. The inscription reads may these gates never be closed. They are now. Who could have seen this coming. – Margy

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  2. What a beautiful arch and a wonderful way to remember those who served in the armed forces with the trees.

    Thanks for taking part at ‘My Corner of the World’ this week! It’s good to see you.

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    • My pleasure Betty. Ballarat is full of history…and today with a forcast top temp of 7 degrees Celsius, not far off snowing I suspect… autumn!! It’s a wet and windy 12 degrees heere.

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