Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Touching




Woolclassing and the sense of touch

go hand in hand.

Ninety percent of wool classing is being able

to sense a softer fleece from a

not so soft fleece of wool, even though,

for all intents and purposes,

they may appear equal

in all other attributes.

It almost goes without saying that

the softer the fleece the higher its chance

of being turned into very expensive cloth,

or clothing worn close to one’s skin.

Not so soft, wool is turned

into those garments worn on the outside,

while very strong or coarse wool is

made into material which has to withstand

lots of wear…for example carpets.

In the 1960s I had a suit which was prickly.

The 1970s saw the advent of Celsius 30. 

Lightweight and smooth to touch.

In 2016, I purchased a suit in Dubai

made from Nobility 150 wool

grown in Queensland.

It did not have the high Italian price

attached to it once currency exchanges

and discounts offered by the retailer

were applied.

The fleece in the photo does not fit into any category mentioned. 

The fact that it was sitting on my wool table after shearing

had been completed says that it was an oddball and did not

remotely match any other wool.


The sense of touch.



2 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Touching

    • When we were being trained, we were told that it took three weeks to ‘get your hands right’ for wool classing. The importance of having ‘right’ hands was not stressed though. It was a touching experience which has passed all too quickly….all 32 years. 🙂🙂


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