For the past four and a half years…

…Candi (Kelpie) and Taji (Labrador)

have been our top dogs.


At least this morning Taji had the manners

to wait until Candi was out of her kennel

before poking her head to gather

Candi’s breakfast leftovers.

Upon opening the back door and asking Taji what

she was doing, I received a slow tail wag.


A post about our dogs would be incomplete

without mentioning our previous

labrador, Maggie.


The best for last…my mate Brandy.

Also known as…

The Six Million Dollar dog,

my bi-centennial (1988) pup,

and a variety of other names.

Faithful and loyal,and if not working

was to be found at his kennel or

more than likely waiting

on the back of my ute.

He could see in our kitchen window,

from that vantage point.



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