(of a place) uninhabited and giving
an impression of bleak emptiness.


After spending a greater portion of our day

driving over narrow bush tracks, followed by…

…several traversing Sua (Salt) Pan

which is part of the

Kalahari Desert’s,

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans,

we finally arrived at

our destination….Lekhubu Island.  

To describe Lekhubu island as ‘desolate’ would be…

…an understatement in my opinion.

The island’s greatest feature was/is its ancient baobab trees…


…which at sun down provided a beautiful natural frame.

Up early next morning to capture a sunrise

and another silhouetted baobab tree.

It may have appeared desolate and amenities,

in 2014, a bit primitive,

but it was certainly

a worthwhile experience.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Desolate

10 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-PC-Desolate

      • Yes, it is, and to be honest I don’t think I want to sit on a plane in such close proximity of others until the vaccine is found. Abruptly our priorities have changed. 🙂


      • Priorities have indeed changed. Surprising how well we get along without traipsing around all over the countryside. I began a form of self-isolation in early March in order to avoid the regular flu and so I would be healthy (that was the idea) in June fro our trip to Africa. Just before final payments was due all the world closed down. So that was tat for this year.

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      • I had momentarily forgotten we are at opposite ends of the earth. Yes, it is coming into flu season for you. I am hoping that when this is all over people might remember the hygiene lessons learnt here and perhaps there’ll be less spread of the flu.

        I hope you don’t lose too much money over your cancelled holiday.


      • It would be nice to think we might learn something out of this fiasco. At this stage all is postponed for twelve months. The only thing looking like a loss is our QANTAS travel Insurance and a cheap night in Sydney. Hopefully that will be postponed also. However, it was ‘cheap’ with no refund, so not holding my breath. QANTAS have given us until December 2021 to use our airfares, however their travel insurance arm, has given us until March 2021. Go Figure! 🙂

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