Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Sense-of-Sight




April 29, 2016….

…I was shown this image of my right eye

and told the best outcome was to remove it.

For the record my eye/retina still looks like this

and it is still functioning as it was…..touch wood.

One’s sense of sight…




….makes sunsets and sunrises…




…all the more memorable.


Geelong Sunrise

Beautiful sunrises.






The sense of sight.







Many people I know…

…would be lost without pen and paper.


My stapler and hole punch…

…essentials in my home office.



Our iPods and iPads are used more frequently

than we use the iRon.  🙂



The eatin’ irons, on the other hand

get a workout three times a day.



Donated hand tools…

…in our Men’s Shed…



I own a reasonable collection of hand tools myself.

This Makita drill being one of the newer additions.


Cee’s-Hunt-for-Joy-Challenge: Helpful Tools