For many years my desire was to own

a Black and Tan Kelpie…

Early December 1988 my wishes came

to fruition when I was offered a pup.

The smallest pup in the litter ran out

and claimed my foot.

MGW named him ‘Brandy’.

He was so loyal, would only work for me

and died suddenly one September night in 2001,

just after his first litter of pups, that we knew of,

were born.

I kept a female from that litter.   

She was called Ginger and has featured here

until her untimely death in October 2015

For a combined total of 27 father an daughter

kept me company on the farm.


Ginger also kept me company anytime

I took my ute on an errand. 

She enjoyed visiting McDonalds and I’m sure she 

is reminding me to get her a junior burger.

For just over four years now it has been

Taji (Labrador) and Candi (Kelpie) occupying

pride of place in the backyard.

Neither would know what work means,

but they are more affectionate

than any farm dog I have known

as farm dogs were workers first

and pets second.






As ANZAC Day is Saturday April 25

I thought I would share some

appropriate images taken

during my Ballarat visit.

I was in Ballarat the day prior to

The Grieving Mother Memorial…


…being officially opened.

It is situated near Ballarat’s

Arch of Victory

in the

Avenue of Honour

Lest We Forget



My-Corner-of-the-World:  #22







Every now and again….

…our dogs while playing together will take off round the yard…

…or my shed, in this case.

Mostly Candi does the the wildest

and longest runs…

…because we all know what Labradors think of exercise.

Long ago these runs became known as ‘crazy runs’


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Crazy