My creativity comes from

nature this week.Moon set behind neighbours trees.

I like both these canola crop images although…

…this is the version which

would grace our walls.


My last two images are both water shots

with some simple editing….because

I can’t do fancy editing 🙂


There was a CD cover challenge

a few years back.

An image of shallow water

became my cover with a title

courtesy of MGW.







light globe

en.wiktionary.org › wiki › light_globe
light globe (plural light globes)
(Australia) Light bulb

I think there are times when we take lights….

…for granted and forget they often only

appear attractive if the globe/s inside

is powered up.


Large chandeliers…powered by many small globes.


Much smaller restaurant lights…powered by

many small globes.



And sometimes globes are not even covered.

I have just Googled ‘globe’ only to find that

the definition refers to ‘planet Earth’.

MGW agrees that she refers to light bulbs

as globes also…and she is always right   🙂


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Globe


Wordless Wednesday20_2204-Corona6

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

More Facebook humour.

I think we need it.

Tough Times

We are more than 11 days into self-isolation

and it is really upsetting me to witness

my wife standing at the living room window

gazing aimlessly into space with tears

running down her cheeks.






It breaks my heart to see her like this.






I have thought very hard about

how I can cheer her up.






 I have even considered letting her in…







 But the rules are the rules.



 Stay safe.    🙂


Hope you enjoyed.